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Upgrading Home Theatre - Need Advice

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I'm in the process of building a dedicated home theatre in my basement and would like to upgrade the speakers in my current set-up. Right now I have an older Cambridge SoundWorks Ensemble system as the front and sub (passive), CSW Centerstage in the center, and CSW microworks cubes in the rear. All work fine, but I'm concerned they'll get lost as I move them into the new space. A Marantz sr5000 powers the system.

The room will be ~ 295"x140"X85" when finished.

After reading these forums and speaking with friends I determined a powered sub was #1 on the list. I have a Velodyne CHT-15 on on the way and will test it against others, but hope it works for the space (I got a good deal).

This is where I am... my gut says the front speakers are next, but I'd appreciate your thoughts/suggestions. While it's tough to pinpoint a budget let's say I have $2k to spend on the front/center/surrounds. The system will most likely be used for 75% HT and 25% music.

Let me know if you need more details.

Thanks - Jim
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$2k for front/center/surrounds is a good budget. The good news is you'll have a lot of options and choices. The bad news is you'll have a lot of options and choices. Seriously, for $2K you'll have to figure out what Spekaer appeals to you most. You'll probably find out rather quickly if you like horn speakers (klipsch) or conventional (Rockets) or something different, planar magnetics and ribbons (VMPS, Magnepan).

I guess the first thing would be to decide what size (floorstanders, bookshelf, micro-sats) you'd prefer in your theater. Are you limited in placement (on wall, ceiling mounted, etc) and then decide from there.

A few brands worth auditioning, just to get you started:




Mirage Omni's



and probably 15 more other's will suggest

If you're a DIY type, there's also a few choices here as well.
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Thanks for the info. I'm looking at floorstanding and more or less conventional. I've spent a little time tonight reading the posts from the (devoted) Rockets following and will continue to sort through the options. I listened to the Klipsch Reference line this weekend, but won't trust my ears until I've had a chance to listen in my space. You gave me some new names to consider. I appreciate the quick response.

It's nice to have such tough problems! ;-)
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