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I am upgrading my HTPC which I will use, at least initially for only HDTV recording via a HiPix Card and for very occasional gaming and online stuff. Right now, I've been using the HiPix VGA/RGB connector to watch HDTV and an S-Video connection to my HDTV to play games. My TV is a Pioneer 64HD5. Audio is handled by the SBLive or HiPix for stereo output and digital is passed via coax output from SBL or HiPix to my preamp/processor.

Performance is important but cost is an issue.

So far, I have the following:

Antec 4U Black Rack Mount Case w/300w PS

Intel P4 1.5GHz

Asus P4B266 Motherboard

512Mb Mushkin Level 2 2100 DDR SDRAM

Two 100Mb WD Hard Drives w/8Mb buffers

HiPix Card

SoundBlaster Live w/ Daughtercard

DLink USB Wireless Ethernet Adapter

DLink Firewire Card

Intel USB Wireless Game Controllers, Mouse and Keyboard

Pioneer slot load DVD Player

Currently, I just got an Xtasy GeForce4 MX440 card w/64Mb DDR, to use as a loaner till I buy one. I could also buy this card if I like it for around $99.

So, what cost effective video card should I add to this mix which will give me the best performance through the S-video connection... OR, is there a way to see both HDTV and the desktop/gameplay using the VGA/RGB output? BTW, my max cost is $250 or so.

Thank you very much for your help and suggestions!!!
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