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At the moment i'm using my old pc with nvidia 8600 gts card with a dvi output, and p35 motherboard integrated sound card with a S/PDIF out. PC is big and loud, but it sits in a wall closet so it's fine. At first I tried connecting both video (dvi-hdmi cable) and audio directly to yamaha rx-v463 receiver, but had issues with rgb dynamic range. It seams like yamaha can only handle the limited range (xbox running through hdmi is fine), but not full range that pc outputs (all bright colors were pretty much white). Sanyo plv-z700 projector doesn't have those issues so I connected pc directly to it with one cable, and receiver with the second cable. And it works (I know - don't fix), but now that i3's are out I'm thinking about upgrading to a low profile case like LIAN LI PC-C37B. This time I'd like to stick with just 1 hdmi running from pc to receiver and 1 from receiver to the projector, so I'd like to make sure I know what I'm doing before I start buying stuff.

So... Please tell me if I understand this correctly:

- blurays are recorded in limited rgb range (using old powerdvd)

- pc's work in full rgb range (nvidia 8600 gts)

- my receiver works in limited range and it cuts off anything below and above it (yamaha rx-v463)

- my projector detects and interprets correctly both limited and full range (Sanyo plv-z700)

Now in nvidia drivers I can adjust dvd (limited) to pc (full) conversion, so pc can output correct brightness levels for both desktop and movies, but the output can only be in full range, at least for my card, right?

Is it possible to output correct limited brightness levels on any other (ati, nvidia, intel) graphic cards (discrete, or integrated)? Are hdmi cards any better here then old dvi cards?

Are there receivers that can correctly interpret pc full range, and correctly output that range to display, or correctly translate it to limited range? Any one has a list?

Thanks for help,

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