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Just got myself a 65vt60. Have had an onkyo sr604 for awhile and with no arc or 3d capability (From what I can tell) I figure its time to upgrade, plus 2 HDMI inputs have been a hassle so I figure I'll resolve that and get rid of this splitter.

I am using 5 kef egg speakers I think the 2005.1 or something and I'm OK with the sound quality as is.... I'm also using 2 in ceilings for the 6/7 speakers. The sub died a year ago and have a bic f12 in the mail so its probably going to sound better than ever (to me).

If a 5.1 is substantially cheaper I'm OK with that as those 2 speakers suck anyway. However if the price is within 50 bucks I figure I may as well. I'm also happy with just 1 sub.

I'm looking for something that will sound as good as the onkyo but have a few requirements. I want 4 HDMI inputs. I want some arc capability to easily use the sound from apps on the TV and I want it to be 3d capable for the bluray to the TV via the receiver.

I also primarily have been watching movies via HDMI from my laptop. My old tv had no usb. I think my options are USB on the TV and sound via arc .. However I would prefer USB on the receiver itself as its a tight fit to the one on the TV the way I have it mounted but this isn't a showstopper. I've been messing with swipe and share as well which would be awesome.. Movie from tablet and sound on the system.

200-300 is my budget just wondering if something like the Sony STRDH520 is suitable or if I should just keep what I have with my current budget.

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