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I stumbled across a craigslist add the other day for a paradigm home theatre system. He's asking $1200 for all of this.

2 paradigm monitor 7v4

2 paradigm mini monitor

1 paradigm cc370

1 paradigm ps1000 subwoofer

1 yamaha htr5990

I don't really have much use for the receiver since i already have a fairly capable denon, so I would try to get him to knock a couple hundred off and just sell the speakers. What I would be upgrading are the following

4 polk monitor 50's

1 polk psw350

1 polk cs245i

While I would want to listen to the system first to be sure I liked it, price wise and with what I would be upgrading, would it be worth it? I'm far from an audiophile but I do feel that my current setup is somewhat...lacking.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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