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Hi all!

Been reading the forums for a long time. Since my wife and I will be moving into a new house for Christmas, I decided to go ahead and register so that I could solicit some advice. If I should break this up into a couple of posts please let me know.

My current equipment:

Denon 3802 receiver

Misubishi 43in rpj TV

Axiom Audio M3t's for front mains

Axiom Audio Q4's for surrounds

DIY 12in sub (300w) using kit from Parts Express

Axiom Audio M3t (single - on its side) for center channel

Xbox 360

Some generic DVD player

I stream most everything from my WHS, through my Xbox360. I would like to continue this, just via HDMI instead of component/optical.

I would like to upgrade (or consider upgrades) for the AVR (and TV).

As much as I love my Denon, I really want HDMI. But so far, I'm at least a little unsure. It seems to me that I can now get more performance from say Onkyo TX-SR707, Yamaha RX-V667, Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K for FAR less than I paid for my Denon new. Is that a fair statement? Is the value in the $450 to $750 range really that good? Does anything really stand out in that range? I'm primarily interested in movies and video games for this room, with the occasional football game or something.

So, any suggestions or thing to consider would be greatly appreciated. I do appreciate all the great information I've gotten from these forums.



The new house:

The media room is about 25ft long, 11ft wide, 9ft ceilings (not completely sure on the ceilings). It is open on one end with only a half wall about 4ft long with the rest being completely open (11ft wide opening). There is a door to the kitchen at the opposite end of the room, on the left side. You can basically consider the room a rectangle, 25x11, open on one short side. The room is carpeted, no wall treatments, but there are drapes on the windows.

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