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Upgrading Screenplay 4800 - JVC HD2K-SYS

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Hello There,

I have had the pleasure of owning the Screenplay 4800 for a couple of years now and as my Home Theater has progressed I feel it is now time to Upgrade.

I have set my sights on the JVC HD2K-SYS as I feel that this is not only the best PJ out there at present but the most compact solution. Problem is that there arent any published reviews of this projector - could you guys give me your opinions of this projector.

The screen will probably be a 110" Greyhawk RS screen - viewing distance 16 Feet - and main source componant is the Linn Unidisc 1.1.
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Well, I call this a real upgrade:

There are reviews up, look at widescreenreview they did a favorable and extensive review. If you laid your eyes on that PJ you should be willing to spend the subscription fee extra to read it:


then there is a cnet review


this should sufficies for the beginning, and there are several happy users around here, william phelps, darinp2 come to my mind... they posted their impressions, do a search or pm them.
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The 110" Greyhawk RS might be a bit too dim for that HD2K. You might consider a StudioTek 130 instead.
I think it would be a shame to put that projector on a grey screen!

JVC recommends going with the Studiotek 130 and at 110 diag I would definitely not go with a grey screen. Listen to William
I agree it is quite an upgrade. I felt I had taken my audio setup as far as possible, so I have turned my attention to my home theater setup.

In response to the query on the screen - I had been recommended the Greyhawk RS - obviously by an idiot!. I will change that and purchase the Studiotek 130.

I originally had a Screenplay 4800, Meridian 561 Controller, Meridian 596 DVD, Meridian M33 Speakers(5) and a MK-MX200 Subwoofer.

The new system will be a full upgrade to full Genelec Surround sound 1038B(LR) / 1038BC (C) / AIW26(4) / HTS4(2), Meridian 861v4 Pre/Pro, Linn Unidisc 1.1 and the JVC Projector. I have already demoed the Speakers\\Processor\\DVD player, but not the projector.

What I would like are owners views of the projector - as those people give an honest answer in lamens terms!.

Any replies will be greatly appreciated.

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Originally posted by IAMPADDY
I felt I had taken my audio setup as far as possible...


That's :D impossible.

Best Wishes,

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Meaning I wasn’t going to spend more than $100,000 on my stereo system. However I will be spending @ $150,000 on the home theatre.

My Current Audio Setup:

Meridian 808 Signature CD Player,

Boulder 1010 Preamp

Boulder 1060 Stereo Amp

Wilson Audio WP7 in Le Mans Blue

Nordost Valhalla Cables (Speaker/Interconnect/Power),

Boulder Link Interconnect
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