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Upgrading Sony SSP88 Speakers.

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When i got my Sony STR-DG700 back in 2006 time i also bought these Sony SSP88 speakers which were in a 6.1 bundle, now im not sure how this rate but im guess their just entry level!?, im looking at upgrading my current Sony STR-DH800 to either the STR-DN1050 or Pioneer VSX-924. Are they Sony SSP88 speakers a good match for either of these new amps or should i be looking at upgrading and if so whats a good 5.1 speaker set to upgrade to?....im not even sure what the rule of thumb is when buy speakers for a new amp is it spend the same again on speakers as the amp?

I was looking at the, WHARFEDALEDX1 HCP 5.1 speaker set would these be better than the Sony SSP88's?
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We are missing some pretty basic information, like, where do you live? What is your budget? How large is your room volume and is it open to other rooms or closed off? Is this for both music and movies, or more for movies? How loudly do you listen to music/movies? What are your expectations?

As far as budgeting is concerned, a good rule of thumb is to spend no more than 25% of your budget on the AVR and probably less. Most of your budget should be spent on the main speakers (or front stage) and the subwoofer (the subwoofer will often cost more than your front stage). And in general, you will get far better components if you buy them separately and not in an HTIB configuration.
Are you from the UK
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