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FYI, I just upgraded my Sony W60 with a WD1200AB drive and

found several things different than the instructions that I had

read here.

1) When removing the top/front panel, I found that there were

two connectors, one an eight pin and the other nine. I had no

problems with unplugging these, contrary to other reports that I

had read here.

2) When removing the HD, mine only had three screws with

rubber bushings. Other reports indicated four. Maybe the

factory left one out. Who cares!

3) When connecting to Microsoft, I found that where it was to

indicate that the "receiver is being updated automatically" it

indicated an estimate of 92 minutes vice the 74 previously

reported here.

Also, When it got to the scrolling graphical bar, the range indicated

was from 0 to 282 vice 206 and the estimated time listed was

104 minutes vice 74. It took just about 104 minutes.

4) When completed and working, I looked at the System Info

under Recording Capacity and this indicated "variable up to 105

minutes" rather than the 80 minutes that others had found.

5) About 3/4 of the way through the download, I got an

error eluding to a communications problem. There was an

available radio bar to "try again" so I did and it continued

to completion.

Lastly, I had no problems in clearing out the removed 40 gig

drive for re-use in a PC, using the single receiver procedures

listed here. After completing the procedure, I tested it on

a PC and it FDisked and Formatted just fine.

Once again, thanks again for everyone's help in getting me

through this project to a successful completion.

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