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Upgrading to Dish HD

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Been considering upgrading to Dish HD for a while now, been a Dish costumers forever. Today I have an email saying its time to upgrade because it is their "best offer ever" for upgrading. Well I checked and it is the same offer they had last time I checked ($99 for 722 receiver, $15 install, +$6/month for service plan and HD free for life). So much for the best deal ever, same as it way.

Anyway I am doing renovations and wiring work at the house and will eventually upgrade to HD. Does anyone know what general direction the HD satellite will need to be pointed (I am in Maine) so I can consider the wires going from dish to receiver. Also I already have multiple Cat5 cables run throughout, should I mess around with trying to run HDMI from receiver area for additional TV's or is HD over Cat5 OK, I do not really understand how that works or how hard it is to do.

Sory for multiple questions, thanks for your time.
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