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Going to look at some Energy Take TWR speakers on Saturday if the dealer stocks them. They are one of the few tower speakers that would fit in my limited space. The other is the Paradigm Millenia 200 tower. I was wondering if anyone who owns/owned/heard either of these could tell me a bit about them. Are they better than an above average sub/sat system when it comes to music? Right now I am using the Mirage Nanosat 5.1 system. I was leaning towards buying the B&W CM1 bookshelfs but now these have caught my eye.

All of the systems I have owned so far have been satellites matched with a sub, but none of them could really overcome that thin sound for music. Do the Take TWR's or Paradigms do music well? (and movies for that matter?)

I'll be auditioning them myself IF the store carries them, but if not your opinion will REALLY help with an online order. Please offer whatever thoughts your willing -thank you.
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