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Upgradre reciever or not?

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I have the HR10-250 Tivo box from D****TV and love it , The only problem is I dont recieve all the HD channels they now offer. I have owned the D****tv DVR boxes in the past and they suck. I hate watching standard digital television. The HD channels look soo much better. But the HR10-250 is a 3lnb setup and the new HR 21 is a 5 lnb setup which is required to get the new channels. For the people who have already made the switch , is it worth it and do you recommend switching or keeping the Tivo unit and praying like hell that DTV and Tivo join forces in the future?
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If you want the new HD channels, you do not have a choice. I switched prior to the channels rolling out. I thought the switch from Tivo might be a little hard but I have been very surprised with D's box. It has been just as reliable as the Tivo and, once I got used to it, just as easy to use. If you plan to stay with D* I would go ahead and make the call and get the ball rolling. You're missing a lot of great HD. (As far as Tivo and D* joining back up--don't hold your breath.) Check out the D* forums on www.DBSTalk.com

for a lot of info specific to the HR-20/21.
I went from the HR10-250 to the HR20-700. I'm glad I did. I loved the TiVo interface, even bought TiVos for some friends. But I love all the new HD channels even more. There are things the TiVo does better and there are things the HR20 does better, mostly it's just different.

When I first got the HR20 back in June I moved the HR10 to the bedroom. Last month I retired the HR10 and got another HR20. I'm on the DBSTalk forums, too, and most people who switch get used to the HR20 and end up liking it. And like SD4394 said, don't count on TiVo and DirecTV getting together any time soon. It's just not gonna happen.

Make the switch and enjoy all the HD you can get.
This is a good place to start - http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=76617
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