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uploading clips or DVD's from PC to Replaytv

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ok, I know this can be done w/ the 5xxx, but I have a 45xx model, running DVArchive. I want to stream some video clips I have and some DVD's as well, without the need to burn every single dvd to disc. I went everywhere to look and doesn't look like it can be done, but I have to keep trying.

Does anyone know anything out there, maybe a rtvtools for the 45xx series. Or, I can hack into those tools and try to modify them for the 4500 series, does anyone know what needs to be done.

Another idea I had was IVS'ing the show from my PC to the replay.

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I don't ever recall seeing an RTVTools for the 4k's.

Source code for the RTVTools was never made public so if you plan on hacking in, get a good decompiler, keep your mouth shut, put a retainer down on a good attorney and buy a house somewhere in South America just in case.

IVS magic doesn't support 4k's, so you're SOL there. Even if it did you'd still have to generate a compliant MPEG and shove it though the non-existant RTV-4k-Tools before your RTV would play it.

All I can think of offhand is setting up a manual record on the RTV while playing the files out via S-vid/composite on the PC or from your DVD player.

Or get something like a Philips DVP-642/37 which plays just about anything this side of raw RTV files and peanut butter.

Or sell the 4k and get a 5k.

Or keep the 4k and add a MediaMVP or XBox w/ XBMC.

Sorry man - I'm just calling it like it is.
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