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UPS for Sony GWIII

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I purchased a GWIII on Dec. 1, and thus far have been fortunate and not had any problems. However, I live in the greater Washington, D.C. area and during our thunderstorms in the Spring/Summer, we constantly have brief power drop- outs and lose power altogether. This concerns me knowing that my GWIII needs to have a proper power down period so that the cooling fan can properly cool the bulb. I know that some of the GWIII owners have purchased a UPS for this purpose. I would appreciate knowing which UPS units are acceptable. I will not have any PC connected, only the GWIII and possibly the Sony HD300 STB. At CC they advertise some APC units that appear to be adequate, such as the APC-725VA UPS with Broadband Protection.
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Parts of my neighborhood lose power at least monthly. The house across the street has power and I don't or vice versa. I bought a UPS within a day or two of discovering the GWIII had a cool down cycle.

BTW, my greater fear is the sudden resumption of power.

MrMike6by9, Which UPS did you purchase?
APC Backup ES 500VA
UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Suply.


Do you also have any type of separate surge protector? I'm getting a GWIII delivered in Feb and am confused as to what I need. I know a UPS is a definite because of the cool down cycle on the TV, but what about a surge protector. The APC Backup ES 500VA doesn't protect against power surges, does it?
The unit has 6 outlets, 3 are protected for surge only, the other 3 add backup power.
Why didn't Sony just put in a slot for a 9 volt battery to run the fan for a couple minutes when it runs into the situation where the power supply is cut off while in operation? For most users this battery backup wouldn't occur very often so the battery should last a while.

Would the bulb be the only thing damaged if the system were allowed to cool down without the assistance of the fan?
Originally posted by MrMike6by9
The unit has 6 outlets, 3 are protected for surge only, the other 3 add backup power.
Forgive me for being a little clueless on this subject but if I'm understanding you right your saying that in addition to to having back up power , these three outlets are also surge protected. Thanks for your help
I would also get a good surge protector with line conditioning. I have the Panamax Max 8 Coax, does a very good job of both and has a $5 M connected equipment warranty. :eek: Ought to about cover it....lol
I don't have a Sony. I have Sammy 61 DLP. I have all my equ. plugged into a APC SmartUPS 1000. This includes the TV, 931DVD player, Pioneer 7.1 surround amp w/6 speakers, powered sub and a video processor. I have seen the load go to 90% with everything pumping, but usually runs around 40%. I've got 12-15 mins shutdown at that load. The SmartUPS is designed for servers and has battery backup, line conditioning, line filtering, voltage correction and surge surpression. When you have upwards of 10K in your system, spending a few hundred bucks to protect it is a no brainer.

Is there a noticeable difference in Video and Audio Quality with and without the UPS? There is a lot of talk on other threads that because UPS devices output "pseudo-sine" waves or worse yet square waves, the quality of the audio and video will be greatly reduced. With all the lamp problems that GWIII has had I'd feel a lot more comfortable using a UPS, just don't want to use one at the expense of quality audio/video.
Haven't had a problem. The SmartUPS is a server/medical grade UPS. I orginally had the equ. plugged into the wall via surge strip. There hasn't been any change in the PQ or AQ since the install of the UPS.

Besides, do you think the power you get from the utility co. is clean and great? Are you willing to risk the total distruction of your investment?

No, the power from the utility co. is defintley not clean and great, that's why people use line conditoners.

I have been educated on the differnet types of APC UPS units available since my last post. Its seem the APC SmartUPS line DOES output a true sine wave while the cheaper APC BackupUPS line does not. I will be going with a SmartUPS unit for my GWIII.

You should be careful about the amount of surge protection you think you may have using just the APC SmartUPS unit alone though. Its seem all surge protectors are not created equal......check this thread for all the info you ever wanted to know about surge protectors http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...hreadid=277384
I made a decision to go with the new Monster Power UPS. The model is HT UPS 1000. It's probably overkill for the GWIII, but has 20 to 60 minutes of backup time, along with surge and spike protection (resumption of power). Has 4 backup outlets (I also plugged in my Sony HD300 STB) plus 2 outlets that provide surge/spike, but no backup. It provides a max. of 300W backup. This will definitely give me the time to correctly power down the GWIII and allow the fan to cool the bulb.
A UPS is a good start, and basically as much as we the consumers can go, but it's inapproperate. The fan needs to continue blowing if the set shuts down from the lack of power and even a UPS backup won't guarantee that someone will be there to manually shut off the set when the power goes. Many have mentioned non-thunderstorm related reasons for their power going off, so what happens if everyone's outside when the power goes off but the set was on? No one would know the power's off! This could easily happen if kids were watching the set!

The only real solution is for the manufacturer to insert a small battery inside the set to ensure that it can continue to fan itself down if the set shuts off due to the power being cut. Unfortunately, the manufacturers are either being shortsighted or not wanting to pay for those additutional components already found in all $5 alarm clocks so a UPS is basically the best solution we end users are going to have.

I read all about the "Brick Wall" and others using that technolodgy. It is great stuff, with one drawback (I called and spoke with the owner of Brick Wall for this info). That style of product needs to have that be the only style of protection in the house. I could have miss-understood him, but this is what I got. The BW type of surge surpression doesn't send the surge to ground, but absorbs it and slowly feeds it off. The more common type of surge surpressor sends the surge to ground. So, if you have both kinds of supressors in your house and there is a hit, the BW absorbs it and the common type sends to ground. While going to ground, it also charges the ground and back feeds the BW with a surge through ground to your equ. Not good. If all you have is BW, then, no problem.

If I am incorrect in this, let me know. But as far as I remember from the conversation, this is the case.

If that's what the owner of Brick Wall told you them I'm sure its true. I have VERY limited knowledge on this subject so I'm not in a position to either agree or disagree. There are some posts from the thread that I attached above where people have used brick wall protectors followed by ups units - whether this is the wrong or right way to go I'm no sure.
Maybe this finally justifies a Monster Cable Purchase.
Actually, that is what BW suggests. Use thier product before the UPS.

I just looked at Monsters product. In thier product description and specs, I read lots of sizzle but little steak. Seems to be a basic, rack mountable, UPS. Monster obivously buys this from someone else and puts thier name on it. I think for the money, you should go with the SmartUPS from APC or you can look into the Powerware line also (If you really want high end, look at the PW 9120 series). Both are great products. I am a computer consultant that secures power for network servers and some medical equipment. This is the stuff I sell to clients.

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