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I am hoping someone here can make a recommendation for a HDMI upscaler.

I am in the process of getting a Wii modded with WiiDual. Briefly, this will allow some Wii units to output the digital audio and video, as a digital signal. Previously, the signal was only outputted as analog.

This not only benefits Wii games, but Gamecube games, if you have the appropriate version of the Wii.

Depending on the game, I will be getting an output signal at 240p, 480i, or 480p. I am looking for an upscaler, which will take the HDMI signal, and output at 2x, or 4x the signal, with minimal lag.

If I was planning on using the analog signal, I would get an OSSC, but to my knowledge, that only accepts an analog signal. I really would prefer to keep everything digital if I can.

Does anyone have a suggestion for a good upscaler with very little lag, appropriate for gaming?
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