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Hello all. Long time lurker here.

I have a home theater setup with the following:

Sony 50" SXRD


Blu-Ray (PS3)



Yamaha RX-V1500

I ran everything (except PS3) from my URC R7 and loved it. I thought the R7 was a great device since I didn't really need macros.

I recently upgraded my receiver to the excellent RX-V3800, and decided to get an MX-810 so the wife and kids could push one button to do whatever common tasks they wanted to do. I tried a Harmony 880 once and sold it since the Software was awful and the remote not impressive at all to me.

I'm having flashbacks. The software for the MX-810 is dreadful. Sure it's pretty, but the wizard thing gets old real quick. I don't like being forced into someone else's thought patterns. I'm too much of a control freak for wizards.

Anyway, software aside, one of my biggest problems seems to be that the RX-V3800 codes are not included with the MX-810 software. The learning function in the software is as brutal as the rest of it, and the codes for other receivers don't quite line up right.

Has anyone made a profile for the RX-V3800 that I could snag?

Does anyone know when URC might update their codes to reflect the newest receivers?

Thanks all.


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While it might not be the answer you were looking for, I would suggest using the RX-V2700 codes as they are almost identical to the 3800's.

Or, if your 810 is still within the return policy, think about the MX-900. They can be had for much less than the $449.99 retail, if you look around. And they're a "tweakers" dream.
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