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URC MX Program Software Naming Question

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I can't quite figure out one thing in URCs MX-900 editor, which I believe is generic for the entire MX line.

First I setup a device and the LCD buttons get assigned to the generic buttons. Some of the labels are simply not correct. Therefore I go and and rename them. A week later when I forget what I previously did, I want to go back and look at what command the soft button thinks its sending from the database.

For example:

URC Function (561) | Real Function


DSP6/STANDARD | Music Video

DSP2/MUSIC | Concert Hall

Now I rename the default DSP6/STANDARD button to Music Video and DSP2/MUSIC to Concert Hall. All fixed. But then I come tomorrow back tomorrow and want to know what URC labeled command "Music Video" or "Concert Hall" is sending and all it tells me AUDIO[285].NAME_OF_BUTTON where NAME_OF_BUTTON is whatever name I decided to call it. There is no way of figuring out what command its now sending. This would be fine if the database was correct, but its not.

Now I didn't give the best examples, since I never use these modes at all. But there are a lot of discrepencies like this and its annoying as hell to figure out. I'm certainly not impressed with their database so far. By the way, this is for a Yamaha RX-V1500 Receiver.
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