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I have a pc case 3R System HT-3000 with soundgraph imon.

As your control is bad, because I almost have to touch in the pc case to make it work, I decided to buy a universal control, choosing the URC R50, this very good in quality construction and signal, different than the iMON Pad remote control that came in the HT -3000.

Everything was fine when I added in URC R50 the Panasonic Plasma TV, the Receiver Yamaha, the cable TV, etc, until it reached in the imon...

Well, simply there isn't in the URC R50 database something of the SoundGraph company or about the imon, so I decided to add the buttons manually (as I did with success in controlling of cable TV) using the tool "learning." Simply the codes "Play", "Pause", "Enter", "Space", "1", "2"..., using R50 not respond, although the process of "learning" it did with successfully .... The remaining buttons are seized, but with delay, a problem that does not occur in any other control. The problem is the imonpad remote control or your infrared receiver...

I would like to solutions, as:

1) Enter a code in the URC R50 to use direct in infrared receiver of imon

2) A alternative program (not imon manager) to put in the URC R50 commands of keyboard

3) A driver that would make the Imon IR receiver to receive signals directly from URC R50, not through the Imon pad remote

4) I do not know what else ....

P L E S E , H E L P M E !!!

Thank you.

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First of all make sure you have the latest version of the software installed from www.soundgraph.com . Then open the iMon Manager and look under Settings / Remote Controller. If you still don't have the option to use a MCE remote after updating the software then your iMon's firmware doesn't support it.

In that case you can ditch it and get a HP IR Media Center Receiver for $10 from eBay.
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