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Hello everyone,

Just had the framing and electrical finished today on my HT and now I have to run wiring before Drywalling late next week. Yikes!

I'm wondering if anyone can point me to a source of suggested wiring for a room with a 7.1 setup?

Here's what I've got so far:

In walls,

A) 12AWG to L C R (maybe two runs for bi-wiring?)

B) RG6 to two possible sub locations (left front and right front)

c) 14 AWG to ADP surrounds and rears

Running a 3" conduit to projector position with the following:

d) S-video to projector (OSD for my HK 7200)

e) Component (RG6) to projector

f) DVI to projector

In wall

g) cable from my Xantech block to an IR receiver at the front of the room (suggestions for cable type?)

Under riser in a 3" conduit to the face of the riser:

h) RG6 to hook up my laptop for internet connection (will this work or do I need Cat5?)

i) something to connect my monitor output from laptop to the receiver or to the projector

j) Extensions for two Xbox controllers

k) Extension for Sennheiser HD 570 Headphones

Conduit upstairs containing:

l) 2 X 14AWG running upstairs for Zone 2

m) RG6 running upstairs for IR receiver

n) something to connect a paradigm volume controller to the amp? Does anyone have any other suggestions before I drywall this thing?

Room size 11.5' X 18'

Rack in the back right corner (if facing screen)


Infocus 5700 projector (ceiling mounted)

Harman Kardon AVR 7200

Paradigm Studio 60's front CC570, ADP's

Servo 15 Sub

Thanks for your help!
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