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Some of you may know I am hosting a projection event in the UK this weekend. I was hoping to have on eof the new JVC home theater D'Ila's but unfortunately there weren't enough prototype's knocking around. So, I've been sent a G10. It's better than nothing!

Now I want to get the best out of it I can. I had a quick plug in and check to make sure it functioned before leaving for home this evening. It will be used being fed an interlaced component signal. Although I amy use a Vigatec with it at some point but really I want it to stand by itself. My problem is that the three colour temperatures seem to be "red", "green" and "blue".....not quite what I was hoping for.

Is there anyway to adjust the drives for each colour when using a component input. Is there a service menu. If we had one on dem I'd buy Dilard but it's a hell of an expense for someone else's unit for one day.

Look forward to your advice.




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