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guys, i need urgent help, i accidentally pressed 7+jump+enter on my sony rptv, and now everything has been restored to factory or some sort of settings, even i cant get to the FDIS setting, and also my video inputs are all changed, example, video 7 is now displaying on video 5. im so screwed, someone please help. the model is kp51ws520

edit 1:can someone please with a kp51ws520 supply their settings, please. very urgent, stupid mistake, pressing the button combo, usually i dont press these combo's usually just writting saved changes, but accidentally pressed it, and as soon as i realized it, i turned the tv off immediately, and thought i was saved but wasnt.

edit 2: i got 480i, watchable, redid the settings for vsiz, vpos, hsiz, and hpos, but only 480i. if i watch 1080i content, it just moves it towards the left the entire image. i dont have the PJE category anymore. should i call sony?

edit 3: flash focus doesnt work, convergence doesnt work at all, if i select it from the user menu, nothing comes up, and the osd which shows move up,left,right... blinks, until i press menu again, and i return to the regular osd. i think it needs to be reprogrammed.

edit 4: i asked for serive, for next wednesday, i could do it for tomorrow too, i believe it needs to be reprogrammed, cause hdmi is video 7, but gets displayed on video 5, its gonna cost 80$+tax, and he's gonna see how much it would cost to repair it, and tell me. sucks very badly. anyone have anything for the kp51ws520 for service menu settings? called sony, they just say leave it unplugged overnight, dont think that would work. will try though
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