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I bought this a couple weeks ago off ebay. I needed a decent receiver with 7.1 pre-outs and this fit the bill. It arrived today and the idiot seller packed it in a box that just barely fit the receiver with a couple sheets of newspaper thrown in for padding. The receiver was dented on the front bottom corner and the display and power button are scuffed from the newspaper rubbing on them.
Two main questions here.

1. This is my first Onkyo and I'm wondering if Onkyos, or this one in particular, tend to run hot? This thing is scorching. As in, if you laid your hand on top of it for more than a minute you'd get burned. I noticed this when the unit was just powered on and not even in use. Is this normal or should I be worried?

2. I thought I'd read that Onkyo's characteristic sound was that they were very detailed and unforgiving of poor recordings? I ask because this unit sounds very dull. My old Pioneer VSX-D711 that this is replacing blew this thing away in terms of sound quality. Major disappointment. Any suggestions for this or is this just how this receiver is?
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