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URGENT--To Alis or not to Alis? That is the question!

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1024x1024 or 1280x768 for a 42-43" panel.

Discussion and debate please...

My Plasma purchase depends on your opinions!
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Simple. Buy the plasma that looks best to your eye, regardless of whether or not it's ALiS.
Cannot do that.

There is nowhere to see both side by side with quality inputs and correct setup...

Pio 4340 or

Hitachi 42hdt50

I can get a great price on the pio--less good on the hitachi.

On paper, the pio looks like the way to go, but I keep hearing good

things about the hitachi...
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Yeah, go spend some eyeball time in front of them and see what you think.

The latest ALiS are not that bad to my eyes. Others may disagree. But the one who needs to be happy is you, so go spend the amount of time comparing that a $4K+ purchase warrants in your estimation. Watch a variety of things, pick what makes you happy and don't look back.
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