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G'Day all, 


I am hoping that someone might be able to provide me with some advice on the use of a TV purchased in the USA for use in Australia. 


Firstly, I hope I am writing in the correct forum. Please let me know if I am not and i'll move/delete as appropriate. 


I am from Australia and currently living in the US. I am moving back to Australia in Feb next year. I am really wanting to purchase a TV here in the states. I am concerned that it may not work when I get back to Aust and do not want to waste my money if this is the case. 


I will summarise my question in the below points so as not to go on and on. 


- The model I am looking at is a LG 60LA7400 (has dual voltage ps - good for Aust 240VAC 50Hz)


- I am aware of differing standards i.e. NTSC for the US and PAL for Aust


- I understand that I am not going to be abel to plug my antenna directly into the back (on board tuner) in Aust due to differing broadcast formats


- In aust I have a TiVo which outputs HDMI, will my US purchased TV be able to display broadcast TV through this if it is via HDMI in (TiVo)?


- I understand the smart features (netflix) will not work with a Aust based ip (ways to get around this) 


Any clarification would be appreciated!


Thank you in advance!



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HDMI is just the connector.

PAL and NTSC were relevant in the old ‘analogue’ world.

What you need to know is if the Aus. TiVo is Outputting 1080i at 50Hz does the TV you are looking at support 1080i @ 50 Hz or is it only specified to support HD signals at 60Hz?


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Not only will you want to check the owner's manual to ensure 50hz compatibility, you will want to spend some time asking around about the TV itself and about LG support in Aus. IME, I avoid LG and don't recommend them due to high failure rates. Some people have reported great support and service, but if you can't get that support and service, then it will do you no good at all.

EDIT: Just an update that I downloaded the manual for this TV and it does not list 50hz content as being accepted. So, you may want to look towards Samsung, Sony, etc. instead.
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