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HI Guys,

thank you for having me on the forum!

Appealing to any Australians out there that might have an idea on the relationship between US and Australian prices on TV's.

I have been wanting to buy an LG 79UB980T and got a price of $6999. Really want the 84 but best price is $9700 and its really hard to justify the extra $2700. I have noticed prices between US and Australia once converted are normally fairly comparible but recently the US price of the 84 has dropped below $5K? converted thats around $7,500 so do you think the Australian proce might be set to take that big of a drop?? Even if it only dropped to $8,500 I could justify that...

Anyhow was planning to buy the 79 this week but noticing this US price dropped has stopped me...

Thanks in advance for your help

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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