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Interested in a wireless DAC or not?

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Hi, I am new on the forum.

I would like to poll if you would be interested in a USB DAC with wireless input.

The wireless DAC system compromises 2 units:

1. Transmitter

- asynchronous USB input

- 24/96 support

- volume control

- headphone output

- wireless output

- battery powered (+/- 50 hours runtime / 500+ times rechargable)

- small 'tabletop' footprint (16 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm)

2. Receiver/DAC

- wireless input

- quality DAC (24 bit resistor ladder)

- fixed and variable outputs

- linear AC power supply

- small 'tabletop' footprint (16 cm x 12 cm x 8 cm)

Wireless technology

The wireless technology promises the following:

- guaranteed free from RF interference

- plug & play, no network settings etc.

- 24/96 support

- SNR > 120dB

- true channel separation, 0dB crosstalk

- no latency

- reach about 35 feet (indoor, single room)


The wireless DAC system is useful for those who use, or want to use, a Laptop (or other USB audio device) as source component for their music library and want to have control (without wires) at their listening position.

I think this might be an interesting product for (computer) audiophiles and checking out if I am right or wrong and perhaps some suggestions / comments I did not think about.

Thanks in advance for your response.



BTW I have attached a system graphic.

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Not interested in a USB DAC. Not interested in a wireless DAC. Not interested in a combination of both.

I am very interested in a Wired Ethernet DAC. But there has to be a way to push music to it from a native GUI on a PC or tablet such as the iPad.

My current setup is a Squeezebox Touch using iPeng on an iPad for remote control. Nothing beats a Native GUI. I don't like the DLNA stuff - the interface applications are a big step backward from a Native GUI. I still use JRiver for library management. It would be nice for JRiver to be able to push music to the Touch. Having used iPeng for a couple of weeks now, I don't miss JRiver for playback control. The native iPad application is awesome, it completely hides the archaic Web based Squeeze Server interface.
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