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I'm brand new here and just got my LG 32LD550, and I'm trying to sort out playing movies from USB devices.

Network connection downloaded the most recent software, and the TV seems inclined to play movie files in some fashion or another, but it's not easy just yet, so I'm hoping that someone can tell me how to make the files so that everything "just works".

Right now it only seems to know about the .VOB files within VIDEO_TS folder, and not the VIDEO_TS.IFO file that most video players are looking for.

If I tell it to play one or a selection of VOBs, it will, but I'd like it to be as smart as my other DVD player software, where you just point it at a folder and it figures out the rest.

What am I missing in the configuration to make this happen?

Any special sort of movie formatting I need to be shooting for?

Thanks in advance, even if it's only a pointer to a link within this thread.
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