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I've had mine for 2+ years now, been great with the exception of a bad board very early on, [warranty] and awesome ever since.

My issue is it doesn't even see the MP3's on my flashdrive. WTF? It even sees all the WMA files and folders, yet just laughs at me since it isn't a supported format. Thanks for that sony. Anyway, I also have a EX440 upstairs and it autoreads MP3's as soon as I insert it.

Holy hell, a cheaper set doing a basic task better than the costly beast?!

Now, these mp3's were pulled from youtube with an audio converter [listentoyoutube] and they play fine on both the aforementioned EX and my PC and in my car on my Kenwood. I looked into the firmware updates [haven't done any in a while] and it seems there is nothing in there.

Perhaps if it isn't meant to be, I can just try the Blu-ray Sony bdp-s360, except it is rear mounted, barf.

Maybe it's time to look into MP4 conversion from WMA files? I'd hate to corrupt the flashdrive, did that once. 200+ cd's.

Well, I do have VLC media player, perhaps there's a trick or 2 hiding in there.

Has anyone else used the USB port for music through the TV here? I have a B set of Infinity speakers that need some 'exercise' Heh heh.
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