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USB or SD Card Reader capabilities

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I am currently in the market for a USB or SD card reader capable LCD TV. I have noticed maybe only one model at BestBuy (made by Panasonic) and one at Sams Club. I am looking for a TV for a wedding that I can program to go through a SD card or USB flash drive in slideshow format and show the images on the card while looping when getting to the end.

I dont need any more features than this and price is of concern. However, I do want to get something that may be of some good use in the future.

In any event, incase I can't find or one isn't in my price range, I know there are devices that are small that one could duck-tape to the back of a LCD TV which plugs in via component cables or VGA that will read media cards (such as SD, compact flash, etc) and play them in slideshow format. Anyone have any experiences with a product like this?

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The Panasonic you saw will not read images off the smart card, that is just for firmware updates.

What you need is either a DVD player that will read and display such media - Philips and RCA have such players for a modest sum - or a HD media player. The DVD player will probably do a better job for less money. - DR
I believe that Samsung sells some LCDs w/ USB inputs. Maybe Hitachi LCDs too. The 2007 Panasonic LCDs will have an SD card reader. Older Sharp models had a PCI slot for this purpose, but this feature has apparently been discontinued. I know that in many situations it is much more "elegant" to be able to read the card directly from the panel, w/o going thru a dvd player or a computer.
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