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Using USB port on Pioneer VSX 919 to view photos on Panasonic Viera Plasma TC-P50 16:9 TV.

This is a bit of a TV and Receiver question, so I wasn't sure where to put it.

Here is my problem. I have a cybershot camera that takes HD pictures and I use the 16:9 picture feature, so all my shots are in 16:9.

IF I use the SDHC card from the camera and put it directly in the TV, the images come out crystal clear, brilliant, and sized correctly to fit the TV (as they should, because I take them in 16:9, and the TV is 16:9. Problem is, at 11MB per picture, the SDHC cars is DEADLY slow to use directly from the TV. It takes about 30 seconds for a new picture to show up. It's ridiculous.

So, I copy those same images from the SDHC card to a USB flash drive and use the USB feature on the VSX 919. I like this for two reasons, 1 - Pictures can be changed fast, less than 2 seconds. 2 - I can play music along to the images, all from the flash drive. However, there are two problems. 1 - the images do NOT come out in full HD quality, and 2 - they are NOT formatted properly on the screen????

It doesn't make sense to me because I thought the VSX 919 was just doing a passthrough of the images to the TV (all through HDMI in my house), so why is the quality less if it's the exact same pictures on both the SDHC and Flash drive (I did not compress them first), and if they are formatted to 16:9 in the camera and file, how can they not "Pass through" to the TV and be fitted properly?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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