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I am currently using a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz PCI card in my desktop

for recording/playback. I would like to upgrade from that but also be able to

use with a laptop.

Can you recommend a USB sound card (under $200 or so) for use with a

Thinkpad T40 (USB2 port, runs WinXP Pro)?

It needs to have line/headphone out, line in and some form of digital

out. An extra headphone out would be nice.

I have a separate device for MIDI (M-audio Uno) so that's not


I will be using this to do recordings so the sound quality on the line

in is very important. Stereo (2 channel) is good enough. I recording a

track at a time then mix in Cool Edit Pro so multitrack in is not


The recording chain is: Studio Projects B1 --> Behringer MIC100 -->

Yamaha MG10/2. The mixer has both RCA and 1/4" outputs.

This will be used strictly for music (no gaming) both recording and

playback. I do a lot of Internet Radio playback from Rhapsody.

Some products I'm considering:

M-Audio Audiophile USB

Tascam US-122

Edirol UA-20

Terratec Aureon 5.1


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