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Originally Posted by Cochise116 /forum/post/0

I am new to the LCD world, and the LCD I picked up has the ability to be used as a monitor. Will using it as monitor on a regular basis kill the image quality or shorten the lamp life?


I'm assuming your "monitor" is an LCD used to view TV, and your LCD is not found on a circa 1980's watch or a calculator - LOL

The signal from your computers video card at native resolution and refresh rate (usually 60mhz) will not lessen the life expectancy of your LCD. With the exception of turning up the brightness I don't know any thing that would shorten the lamp life.

Since each pixel of an LCD does its part to display the whole image the source does not matter. LCD display image quality will not change regardless of source. However a pixel can fall into a fixed state of black or white known as a "dead pixel" usually cause by poor quality control in production.

One more thing native resolution for a 720 or 1080 LCD TV used as a computer monitor will be the same as a 15" - 17" computer monitor.

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