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Is the graph edit for DVDgraph only? Cuz I see no tutorial for mediagraph. I want to set different filter property for different extension. I've used graph edit to edited a graph file ".xgr" and use xml2zoom101 to convert it into ZP graph, since it's used for media. I rename it to "m1c.mediagraph" but I dont know what to do next. How do I tell ZP to use m1c.mediagraph for file w/ extension of .m1c?


Here what I am trying to accomplish, I make up two extension .m1c for mpg audio first channel and .m2c for mpg second channel. (So for example, whenever I load filename.m1c with ZP it will automatically set it to "First" channel in the "MPG audio Decoder" property.)

I then rename an .mpg file into .m1c and open it with graphedit, I then open "mpg audio property" and select "first" channel only for Stereo output.

I save it into XML and covert it into ZP graph and here what I got...

// Zoom Player Media Graph conversion of [mpl.xgr].

LoadFilter({E436EBB5-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770},Source File)

SetFilterFileName(Source File,)

LoadFilter({79376820-07D0-11CF-A24D-0020AFD79767},Default DirectSound Device)

LoadFilter({B87BEB7B-8D29-423F-AE4D-6582C10175AC},Video Renderer)

LoadFilter({4A2286E0-7BEF-11CE-9BD9-0000E202599C},MPEG Audio Decoder)

LoadFilter({FEB50740-7BEF-11CE-9BD9-0000E202599C},MPEG Video Decoder)

LoadFilter({336475D0-942A-11CE-A870-00AA002FEAB5},MPEG I Stream Splitter)

LoadFilter({E436EBB5-524F-11CE-9F53-0020AF0BA770},MPL Source 0)

ConnectPin(MPL Source 0,Output,MPEG I Stream Splitter,Input)

ConnectPin(MPEG I Stream Splitter,Video,MPEG Video Decoder,In)

ConnectPin(MPEG I Stream Splitter,Audio,MPEG Audio Decoder,In)

ConnectPin(MPEG Audio Decoder,Out,Default DirectSound Device,Audio Input pin (rendered))

ConnectPin(MPEG Video Decoder,Out,Video Renderer,VMR Input0)

Finally, I rename it to m1c.mediagraph and put it into the MediaGraph folder of ZP. But I dont know where to go or do next to tell ZP to use this mediagraph for extension of .m1c
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