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I am not sure this is the right place to ask but here goes:

Currently I am using the Onkyo NR3007 for playing streamed FLAC files using its DLNA features. It is connected via ethernet to my computer which is located in the Office .

I would like to use the ext DAC that I am using for my CD player instead of the built in DAC in the Onkyo.

Obviously I need a network Audio player similar to the Squeezebox Touch and feed it output to the ext DAC.because the Onkyo does not have dedicated audio digital outputs.

Instead of a SB Touch, I was wondering whether I can use a HDMI audio de-embedder to extract the digital Audio from the receiver's HDMI output and feed that stream to the ext DAC via Toslink ? Would this work at all ? I am also wondering what kind of SQ I get from this type of connection.

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