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Used Marantz VP4001 vs. New 720 DLP unit

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Hello all. New to the projector world althoug I've popped into AVS forum from time to time when researching other AV purchases.

I am ready to pull the trigger on a projector and will use it for the ocasional movie (inside and outside) as well as a ball game from time to time. I was looking at the Epson 8350 for about $1300 at BB but am intruiged with the possiblity of picking up a Marantz VP4001 (for about $600 with a 142 hrs on the bulb) and saving some money.

I know that I can p/u a new 720p DLP unit for around the same price although it seems the color wheel speed of the Marantz (at 5x), is faster than new units in this price range. I am wondering if getting an older but higher end at the time unit would be a better route.

I know there are many threads relating to used versus new projector purchases but I am looking on specific feedback as it relates to the VP 4001.

Looking for opinions on going this route. Thanks.

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Wanted ad that the used unit I am looking at does not include a remote although I have a harmoney 900 that should fill the void.


The Marantz VP4001 projector was manufactured by SharpVision as the XV-Z3000. This projector was also marketed as:

Brightness (Lumens) : 1200 ANSI

Contrast (Full On/Off) : 6500:1

This is a nice pj-4k msrp. way back when-one of the sharp remotes might work
Seems it was the high end of the low end....if that makes sense. The unit seems to have a quality of build level that I am not seeing in the low end units currentley offered.

Wondering if those with the VP 4001 have upgraded in the last couple of years or found that they have yet to "outgrow" the projector.


Originally Posted by Verge2 /forum/post/20833952

450 for a 4001, not 600.

Are you saying that the unit is worth $450 as opposed to $600?
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