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Used projector suggestions

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I have been looking to upgrade my current optoma hd20 and was wondering what people would suggest for used/not the latest models in the 4-600$ range. Looking for the occasional movie and have quite a few windows so was looking at mainly epson for their brightness. Right now I am leaning towards an epson 3500. Anyone have other suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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The Epson 3100/3700 improved the contrast considerably over they 3000/3500 it replaced. These were on sale for $800 recently new but I believe only the refurbished are in that price range now. If you can find any of the older BenQ models like the w1060, HT1070 or the 2050 used should be priced at or below your budget. ViewSonic pro7827hd was selling for $399 at on time for refurbished but most are gone but look around as some might still be around.
3100 was going to be my suggestion, but even a 3000 would be a solid upgrade if you can find one in the $400-$500 range. I regret replacing my 3000 with a 4K DLP and will likely move back to the 3x00 line once the US equivalent of the 4K TW-7000/71000 is shipping.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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