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Hi Guys,

I am replacing an older Pioneer 50 Inch and I know it is last call on all the plasmas. I have the opportunity to buy a store demo 64 inch F8500 for $1900. It has been on the wall running for two years. It comes with remote and is in fine physical shape.

I also have the chance to buy a new/near new 64 inch H5000 for around $1300.

My seating distance is 11 feet or so. I watch movies and TV, no gaming.

Priority for me is best picture quality. My room has some light during the day, but I can darken it easily if needed and at night I can darken it completely and night time watching is my highest priority.

Any thoughts or feedback would be appreciated. My main concern is with the bulb life on the 8500. Any thoughts or feedback on this?

And for the record, I do not need a ton of features, 3D, etc.

It would be useful if in your feedback, you told me if you own one of the two choices that I am considering.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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