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I have been offered a Panasonic TH-50PHW3 and Bello stand model PVS-4260 (“ bello.com/plasma.asp†scroll down) for $10,000 CDN$’s or approximately $7,500 US$’s. Should I pull the trigger? Must decide by Wednesday. I had reluctantly ruled out Plasma because of their relatively higher cost and was looking at the new LCD’s. But by stretching my budget I just could do this. But should I?

This plasma set has been in a dedicated high end HT and has only been used with a DVD. It is not connected to any other devices and is used only by the owner. IE: No children allowed in his HT. Also he says he only uses his HT on the weekends to watch a movie or two. He is changing to Sony front projector that is arriving next week.

I would use for standard television 60% and DVD 40%. I will try to get as much HD as possible but in Canada feeds are still very limited.

I cannot find any technical information on the Panasonic web site because I guess this model is no longer in production. Many questions. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

1. Can anyone direct me to a web site with technical info on this model or provide same?

2. Does this unit have a built in tuner or can one be obtained?

3. What are the connect options?

4. What is the native resolution?

5. Now does this set scale and how effective is this function?

6. How will this set function with normal TV? IE: Stretch modes?

7. How is the PQ of this unit rated? In his HT on DVD the PQ was outstanding.

8. What is the user interface like on this set and how user adjustable is the picture?

9. Should a special disk be used to adjust to optimum PQ and if so what disk do you recommend and when can I get it?

10. Does anyone know Panasonic warrantee information?

11. What else should I consider?

This seems like good deal but I don’t have the Plasma experience to effectively evaluate the opportunity. I am excited (make that very excited), but I would rather you throw cold water on me now then be disappointed later and be out $10,000.

Thanks for your assistance.


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Should I pull the trigger? Must decide by Wednesday
I don't think it's a great price for an used 2001 Plasma even with the Bello stand included.

Not sure about prices in Canada but the new 2003 Commercial TH-50PHD6UY is cheaper than $7500. Also the new 2003 Consumer TH-50PX20 (speakers/tuner built-in) will be around that price.

1) See the brochure for the Commercial model.

The specs are similar to the consumer TH-50PHW3: ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/pub/Panasoni...TH-50PHD3U.pdf

2) Nope. Nope. You can use a VCR or a Cable Box as a tuner.


(1) VGA

(1) Component /RGB - BNC type connectors

(1) S-Video/Composite shared.

* The S-Video/Composite inputs on Panasonic Plasmas are shared. You have to use either one. With both cables connected (Active or not) S-Video disables Composite

4) 1366 x 768 pixels. 1080i - 720p - 480i/p

5) Yes. Not sure about the older TH-50PHW3. The scaler on newer models does a great job.

6) The non-liner "Just Mode" is pretty good.

7) I would say "very good" but not outstanding

9) Yup. AVIA , VE or DVE (Just released - See more info on this thread . )

10) One year parts & labor

11) Newer Panasonic Models or Current Pioneer Displays.
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