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I've been working on this one for awhile and tried many menu options and solutions. Basically I want to be able to configure my Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote with the 3D Bee Diamond to switch to the appropriate input when added to an activity. For example, I want to play my PS3, and I have my PS3 HDMI running through Input3 on the 3DBee Diamond box. If I set up an actiity, I need the following to occur:

- TV switches to the proper HDMI input from the 3DBee box

- 3DBee box switches to Input 3 for my PS3

- And the PS3 then appears on the TV

I have the 3DBee set up as an AV Reciever since the product does not show up in the database. Most everything seems to run correctly, the signals are being sent and the input is switching, except I cannot get the internal HDMI assignments to correspond with the PS3 and other devices.. Even if I tell the activity that PS3 is on Input3, it just advances a single input or two. It almost never switches to the right internal HDMI input.

Does anyone here have experience setting up a 3DBee Diamond with a Logitech Harmony Ultimate? How do I get the remote to switch to the correct one?

Thanks in advance!
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