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This is my first post so apologies firstly for any breaches I have caused or if I have chosen the wrong section for this. Im a pc man, not a tv man, so please bear with me if there are any rookie mistakes here.


What I am looking for ideally is a product recommendation to do the job I need.


I am currently using the following modulator and have two of them.



I have two STB devices which I plug into the modulators. 


So far I have one STB to the modulator via the AV cables. Then a coax cables comes from the coax out port of the first modulator, this cable then plugs into the second modulator into the aerial in connection. Again another STB is plugged into the second modulator, then a Coax cable comes from the coax out port of the second modulator and then into the coax port of the TV. So effectively I have daisy chained two modulators to show the two devices on different channels of the TV ie channel 1 and channel 2. I have made sure to keep the modulator channels/frequencies 5 apart and have a good reception from both devices.


I would assume that I could continue in this fashion with more STB's and more modulators. Although I would assume there would be signal degradation at some point due to this daisy chaining method, maybe I am wrong.


Regardless, I have a solution which works for me, what I would like though is to use four STB's.


So could someone point me in the direction of a piece of hardware that would satisfy my needs. It need to allow four device to be plugged in via scart or av and then a single coax cable out with all the signals. I ask as daisy chaining is not exactly an elegant solution.  


I hope I have explained myself well and I'll be very thankful for any advice or recommendations people can give me. If this is not the right way to go, I am open to change hardware, solution, method etc.  

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While I can't give a specific answer to parts, the most common way to do this is with four modulators which then are combined all at once.

So, take your first STB, run it into a modulator.

Take your second STB, run it into a modulator on a different channel.

Repeat this for as many sources as you have. You could honestly have dozens of sources doing this.

Now, run the modulated RF output into a combiner. This will put all the different channels together.

Finally, send the signal throughout your home (or office).

This is how standard definition is handled in tons of locations and has been done this way for years.

To go high definition, which is possible, you should check out www.zeevee.com

They have native four channel high definition component video modulation solutions:


Not that these are inexpensive solutions, but it distributes high definition, and you can use the wiring that's already in place.

EDIT: For what it is worth, there are four channel modulators for standard composite video available such as this:
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