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Using an NEC PJ-P525UL Laser illuminated projector in a home theater

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I'm considering getting a NEC PJ-P525UL as a replacement for my older Epson 6500UB. I'm getting tired of the noise of the Epson as well as replacing bulbs. What are some of the pitfalls that I might not be considering by going with a more commercial-oriented projector? I play a fair amount of games, so I wouldn't want a super high response time, but other than that, it seems like the NEC would be a good workhorse, at least until I go all in on 4k.

Given my Vutec Silverstar screen and general layout of my theater, the new crop of laser-illuminated short-throw projectors doesn't seem great, as I would have to change the layout and find somewhere to put my omnipolar center channel speaker.

I've had 3 projectors so far, and now am only considering laser-illuminated front projectors, and unfortunately there aren't as many choices as I would like yet, especially if I would like to avoid DLP.

The NEC seems like it has some features I would really like, such as HDBaseT and very quiet operation (19 - 22dB). 5000 lumens sounds like a lot of light to work with as well, but it would be nice not to have to worry so much about lighting. Once set up, I rarely change projector modes other than to compensate for slowly dying bulbs. NEC's spec page says it has HDCP so hopefully that's not an issue.

What else am I missing that might make me reconsider?
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Presentation/business projectors all most always sacrifice color accuracy and black level for lumens. I'm sure contrast on that projector would't even come close to your Epson. The Epson 3700 has under $100 replacement lamps that last 5000 hrs or more is significantly brighter then your current Epson with maybe not as good contrast but unless your in a bat cave I doubt you would notice. Refurbished 3100 is around $700 with the 3700 a little more. $1300 new but go on sale for $999 all the time.
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