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Using coaxial and optial digital inputs at the same time

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I have an HK AVR210, with 3 optical inputs and 3 coaxial inputs. Currently, all of my optical inputs are being used. I want to know if I can add another digital device onto 1 of the coaxial inputs, or if they are actually paired together (coax 1 and opt 1 are really just 2 connections to digital input 1).


Video 1: HD cable box (optical 1)

Video 2: Xbox (optical 2)

Video 3: PS2 (optical 3)

DVD: dvd player (coaxial 1)

Does anyone know if that would work? Manual mentions nothing either way. I'm trying to decide on component video switch (video storm CSW02 or Audio Authority 1154a) and need to see if I need to consider the optical switching aspect more. I really want the 2 video outs though as well and don't want to spend the extra $ on the video storm CSM42 if I don't need to.

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Well, simply reading the manual, it seems that you just select the input source you want, and then you can cycle through all the digital inputs to select the one you want for that source. Kind of an odd way to do digital audio input assignment, but whatever works.

So looks like you can use any of the six digital audio inputs with any of the input source selections.
That's exactly what I do with my Yamaha receiver. It works fine as long as the competing devise is turned off.

Look at page 26 of the manual. You can select each of the inputs independently for any given source (i.e., they are not "paired together"). Curiously, though, the manual indicates that the 210 has only two of each type of digital input...
Yeah, I read that page, but I thought I remembered seeing something somewhere about 3 digital ins and so forth. But, I did try it out, and it works fine. I currently have 4 digital items hooked up, no problems. Kinda nice knowing I have 6 total digital ins on such an inexpensive amp.

I think the 2 of each type they are referring is just on the rear panel. They seem to always forget about the front pair.

Thanks guys.
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