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Using Denon 3808Ci as a pre-amp?

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Just purchased the "cheap" high spec Denon 3808Ci and plan to use it as a HD processor for a pre-amp. I am know in the process of deciding on what "Expensive Future Proof" Amps, Subs, Speakers, coolers and surge protectors to buy.

I'm in the process of building my 1st Home Theater in Basement (27'L x 17'w). Looking to spend 10k - 20k on audio equipment.

1) Any Suggestions or advice on what to buy?


what size and how many do I need?

Speakers Needed

Front Speakers - Mains (L&R)

Center Channel Speaker

Side Speakers - Surround (L&R)

Rear Speakers (L&R)

Subwoofer - Should I buy Qty 2 subs?

Power & Surge Protector

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Step 1: Go and audition as many speakers as you can in your price range. I would spend at least half the budget on speakers (in your case $5k to $10k).

Take some of your favorite CD/DVDs with you.
Unfortunately I live in a small community and do not have any professional stores or installers within 200 miles. It would be nice if I lived in a large city that has places to demo.

I'm tired of contractors/installers/retail stores not looking out for my best interest and pushing the wrong items and charging a high prices. I've decided if you want it down right...I need to have more information.
After reading more post, I've decided that the Denon receiver will probably not get the job done with what I'm want to accomplish. I'll use the Denon receiver in another room. I understand that I probably need to buy the following....

a/v preamp: Pre/Pro

Anthem AVM50 $4,699 (NEW)


Anthem Statement A5 Multi-Channel Amplifier $2,499 (NEW)

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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