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I have what is probably a stupid question, but it has me wondering. If I were to run 100 watt amps for all my speakers except my LF and RF speakers and subwoofer, which instead were running on 500 watt amps, wouldn't the relative decibels get out of proportion whenever my volume was not at calibrated reference level?

Put another way, assume I run test tones to set my relative speaker decibel levels at reference using an SPL meter. At reference, all the speakers should be putting out the same decibels. However, then, if I later listen at non-reference levels, won't my relative volumes among the speakers be off?

After all, hypothetically speaking, let's just say that my 100 watt amps are capable of providing 0 - 105 decibles and my 500 watt amps are cpable of providing 0-120 decibels (I have no idea if these actual numbers are realistic). My pre-pro only has 1 volume knob, and it has lower and upper limits. Thus, it would seem to have to follow that the relative gradations/scale in ticks on the volume knob must be different between the 100 watt amps and the 500 watt amps. If the scale is different, doesn't it follow that if I listen at a volume lower than reference, my mains and sub will be relatively quieter than they should be (vis-a-vis the other speakers), and if I listen at higher than reference levels, my mains and sub will be relatively louder than they should be (vis-a-vis the other speakers)?

I ask because most of us have subs with higher watt amps than the rest of our speakers, and many people run higher wattage amps for LF and RF (and sometimes ) channels.
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