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Hello everyone, I just joined this site a few moments ago and this is my first question post. Please apologize if I posted in wrong thread.


I will get a new receiver and speakers over the next few days. I'll be placing a 5.1 system in the living room. I want to place another set of speakers (my older speakers) in the bedroom which is separated from the living room by a 14-feet long kitchen. It is a rented apartment, so I have to use non-destructive methods to run a wire from the receiver into the other room. Wireless speakers are not an option for me as I've already ordered the wired speakers. The 14-feet distance with two thick walls in between these rooms prohibit bluetooth as a reliable option too.


I do not have any landline phones in my building, but there is existing wiring for phone connectors like this:


There is two of these in each room.


I was wondering if I can use this existing wiring setup to transmit sound from one room to another


Receiver --> 3.5mm cable --> adapter that converts 3.5mm to phone jack --> (go to other room) --> adapter that converts phone jack back into 3.5mm --> second speakers.

I understand that the exact connection type (3.5mm to phone or banana plug to phone etc) may vary  - I'll decide upon it when I get the speakers.


So, is this option of using existing phone wiring to transmit sound to another room even possible?

Any reports of people who have already done it?

If yes, how is the sound quality? Any noise or jitter in sound using this approach?

Any tips, and things to be careful about when choosing to go this method?
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