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Using LCD TV for TV and PC use???

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I have a dilemma and need some help. The CEO of the company I work for wants me to upgrade his office w/ a new 65" LED-LCD TV, AVR, BD player and PC. He wants to be able to use the TV as his ONLY PC montior but he also wants to use it as a TV. He wants to be able to do a split screen between the PC and TV, so one-half being the PC and the other half watching TV. We have IPTV w/dvr and that has to be hooked up also. Is there a way to do this? Is my only option getting a PIP TV? I thought a PC TV-tuner may work, however we need it to use our IPTV and DVR service. Any help is appreciated!
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In WMC you can have live or recorded tv playing in a window, but not split screen. Aspect ratio would be wrong. How close to the desk is this display going to be? You can demo, the concept for him with any regular Win 7 and any LCD HDTV, he might change his mind if really understood what he was asking for.

He should be careful what he asks for, he might get something close and it would probably be kind of awful for both purposes. I run a 37" on my desk and have WMC playing CNBCHD or CNNHD in a corner of the display much of the day. I could get away with a 40 or possibly 42".

Clearly this would need to be to side of his desk not in front of it. A 65" in front would be a wall. If it was far enough back to not be a wall, then it would loose effectiveness as a PC display. To the side of the desk you could go bigger, 65" I don't know.
The TV will be approx 12' away from his desk. I like the idea of having your tv channel on the upper right corner of the corner while the rest remains your desktop. However, we are an IPTV provider so we must be able to use our IPTV service/dvr with this. Also, he is using Win7 on his desktop. Does any TV tuner allow u to hook up IPTV box where as all our channels and guide displays on the TV thru the PC?
Originally Posted by SAM64
Can't you get the IPTV feed on the PC?
That's one of my questions
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DVBLink for IPTV

Check www.dvblogic.com

Since you are an IPTV company, all you need is the m3u file (playlist with all the channels with their web-stream URL)

Use VLC to preview the channels.

Be advised, if you have some kind of encryption system, it might not work, except if you have something in house that I'm not aware of
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