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Hello forum!

First time posting a new thread, so apologies on anything I do incorrectly. I have a Yamaha RX-V571BL 7.1-Channel AV Receiver with 5 Yamaha 100w speakers and a powered subwoofer. I was wondering if I could hook up my Yamaha DTXpress III electronic drumset to the receiver to hear the drums (rather than wearing headphones which is the only way I can hear the drums now). I know what audio cables I would need to purchase but just wondering if the sound range on the drums would damage the receiver or speakers.

I know I could just get a drum amp or keyboard amp instead, but just don't feel like dropping $100+ if I could use my receiver instead. And just as background, I am in a small 1BR apartment so volume isn't a big deal. And drumming is just a hobby, so quality isn't that important either. I just don't want to destroy my receiver/speakers.

Any info would be helpful. Thanks!
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