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Hi All - I have a 65in Panny smart TV, Panny Blue Ray, Cisco Set Top Box, and an NAD 757 pushing 5 Polk LSi 9's. I use back channels for stereo on my lanai since I am using only 5.1 surround. So I now use Blu ray as internet connection because I can HDMI to NAD HDMI then HDMI to TV; AND analog out to NAD back channels for the lanai.

PROBLEM: I hate streaming from Blu Ray, I would like to use Apple TV so I can use all other Apples, HOWEVER, Apple TV has only HDMI but no analog to connect to my NAD 757.

QUESTION: Is there any way I can use an Apple TV or even a ROKU and get HDMI to my NAD for 5.1 and analog to NAD back channels?

Appreciate any ideas. Loved my NAD 744 and love my 757 it make the Polks sound great.
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