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Hello, i'm newbay here, so looking for help.

I bought Panasonic plasma TH-46PZ85B from UK, but i will use it in Lithuania (it still arriving), but now i'm thinking, that TV will not work properly with DVB T, because in is MPEG 2, o in my country is MPEG 4, also diferents receiving rystem.

But i have HTPC, so if i will buy DVB -T o DVB - S tuner and load to inside and give digital signal to TV it will work or not?

please, help if somebody tried something similar.


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Originally Posted by navaras /forum/post/15471272

so, no comments?

Since this is a USA-based forum it's not likely that anyone here will know the answers to your questions since things in Europe are quite a bit different.

Here's a link to a UK-based Plasma forum - hopefully you'll be able to get some good information there:

UK Based AVForum Plasma Forum
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