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I'm finally jumping on the Blu-ray bandwagon for my new HDTV (whichever one I end up with
) and had a very basic question that I didn't really see a thread for or maybe it was buried somewhere (found plenty related to PS3).

I was planning on getting a PC like the Dell Studio Hybrid to hook up to my TV so that I have other functionality such as downloadable video etc. The PC supports HDMI out and all that great stuff.

I'm wondering if it would just be worthwhile to get the PC with a Blu-ray drive and just use that as my Blu-ray player over getting a dedicated piece of hardware, is there any disadvantage in doing so? Is there software available that can support 24FPS playback and all that good stuff? It doesn't seem like a lot of people end up going this way and I'm just kinda wondering why

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